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  • Contract Based Software.
  • Menu Driven designed to be a productive tool to aid cable systems and broadcasters involved in Commercial Insertion and Program Scheduling.
  • Data-entry uses dropdowns and easy to follow WINDOW design.
  • Full Copy - Spot Rotation.
  • EDI Affidavit Interface.
  • Password protection assures that only users with valid accounts and passwords may enter the system. Authorization is down to the module level.
  • Media Spot Library for each CLIENT.
  • Media Library for Programs.
  • Internal invoicing module with an interface to QuickBooks or your Accounting System.
  • Reports based on Crystal Report Writer. Standard status reports, sales data reports, affidavits, and customer invoicing.
  • All Reports can be exported to Microsoft Office Products.
  • AutoScheduler®, Schedules created automatically from contract information and completes all breaks by filling with specified spots, AutoFill®.
  • Pervasive.SQL Database - 64 GB file size.
  • Customer driven software design.
  • ZONE Support
  • Local Scheduling Support




Unlimited Clients Unlimited Expansion Past History
Unlimited Contracts per Client Allows Agency Interaction Significant reduction of time and cost to enter information
Unlimited Lines per Contract Multiple Networks and Locations under one Contract Improved management of Contract information
Control Multiple Networks at Multiple Locations Future Growth Ensures ongoing utility of your initial investment
Contract Driven Architecture Insure your compliance with client order even when multiple contracts exists Fewer errors, reduced time to review contracts, reduced cost to manage contracts
Contract Based Scheduling Schedule and verify what the customer wants Spots run as per contract.
User Break Templates Easily change Insertion Schedule Flexible and Cost Saving
Multi-User Software Network support designed in Scalable software
Security Multi-level, Multi-user Only access the module required.
Scheduling can be manually adjusted Change one or more breaks easily Speed to change a break
Custom wording on invoices and affidavits Say what you need to say Easily changed.

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