Content Workflow

  • Managing your station’s most important asset

    The requirements to run a broadcast station have changed so Workflow frequently, and so dramatically, over the years,it’s difficultto keep on top of a station’s priorities. One priority is certainly near the top of the list, though – there must be a clearly defined, simple to manage workflow to bring content into a station, prepare it for the air, and play it out to viewers.

    NVerzion’s trusted solutions have been helping broadcasters manage their workflows for decades with easy to use solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies.

    Solutions to manage the flow of content from ingest to playout:
    Business Solutions- Kiss

    Content Acquisition - NGest, NTime

    Content Preparation - NPoint, NCommand

    Content Presentation - NControl, NTime, NPoint, NCommand

    • Everything you need to keep content flowing smoothly through your facility
    • Integrated workflows that save time, eliminate mistakes and help you efficiently manage the growing number of content options