Online Verification and Video Logger

Verifying and logging the material that has aired is a critical operation for any broadcaster. NVerzion’s NVero provides a simple-to-deploy, PC-based solution that handles not only commercial and legal verification, but also system monitoring, as well. NVero is a convenient answer for around-the-clock monitoring and logging of video material ─ providing verification via screen display or email, and even via remote access of video logs to approved third parties. And, because the system can be set to automatically create low-res copies of all content that’s being aired, it’s also a perfect solution for maintaining a system backup in parallel with the station’s high-res server or disk-based storage.

NVero Datasheet

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Simple monitoring and logging of live video feeds Easy solution for monitoring of remote sites
View video files via Windows Media Player on any desktop Enables convenient online and/or email verification
Configurable encoding rates, file length, loop duration Can create low-res backup to DVD, tape, drives, or servers
Supports both NTSC and PAL