Professional dubbing and recording software application for ingesting material from device to device – or from device to multiple devices.

NGest provides functionality that’s key to the content workflow ─ managing the transfer of material from one format to another, satisfying multiple requirements. NGest takes material from tape-to-tape, tape-to-video server, or video server-to-video server with a host of optional interfaces all designed to make your system efficient and easy to control. Simply assign source, destination, encoding rates, and other clip-specific values within a single intuitive interface.

Optional linking to NVerzion’s machine control application, EMC-NT, provides an easy interface with multiple file destinations and archives.

NGest Datasheet

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Frame accurate recording Accurately transfer material from any source to any destination
Standardized interface and protocol between any number of digital storage devices Optional video monitor lets you watch the material you're recording
Archive ready Automatically name, segment and mark clips as they're recording
Source metadata retained in database Easily control source and destination devices
Displays available server space  
Create simultaneous backups during recording  
Variable pre-roll  
Variable bit rate (device dependent)  
Jog and shuttle  
Create barcode  
Barcode scanner  
Drag and Drop from NView  
Dub lists, purge lists, delete lists