Ethernet Machine Control

Machine Control is a fundamental – and critical – component of any automation system. Test Pattern Whether acquiring, processing or playing media, there’s a piece of hardware somewhere carrying out that task. NVerzion’s EMC-NT solution enables the control of all system elements via a network-based protocol that simply links the operator to his workflow.

EMC-NT allows for the control of any device such as file servers, character generators, routers, and more.

EMC-NT Datasheet

EMC-NT Screen Shot

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EMC-NT System Diagram
Controls multiple machines along a distributive network Provides fail-safe environment
Allows multiple applications to utilize any machine in the network More efficient operation
Each EMC-NT controls up to 16 devices Supports and interfaces with legacy machine control systems
Loop-through capability available for use with master control interfaces Allows individual control or delegated control by the overall automation system