CPIM Creative Protocol Interface Module

3rd Party Software Interface

CPIM is a gateway that provides 3rd party software a direct and immediate interface with NVerzion applications such as NBase Database Manager, XPansion Archive / Storage / Distribution manager, NControl event-driven scheduler, NTime time-driven scheduler, NGest dubbing tool, and others. The CPIM application uses a file-based communication method to receive, read, interpret and execute commands from the 3rd party system by seamlessly and instantly determining which NVerzion application is to implement the instruction. CPIM supports two standard protocols. ATIP (Automation Traffic Interface Protocol) and BXF and is the key interface for NVerzion's PSIP implementation.

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Simple 3rd party interface for a number of NVerzion applications Enables NVerzion systems to interact with all popular broadcast systems
Enables access and control to metadata and information for:
- Archive/Storage
- Scheduling
- Recording / Playout
Closed-loop implementation