Firmware update for Flash XDR for testing Quicktime files (beta 0.0.117): available for download on the Flash XDR Updates page. (14-Oct-08)


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HD-SDI, MPEG2, and ASI Converters and Recorders for Professional Video Applications.

Introducing nanoFlash

HD Portable Recorder / Player in a Super Miniaturized Package.


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Convergent Design specializes in a number of Professional Video Conversion Equipment including HDV to HD-SDI Video Converters, HDMI to HD-SDI Video Converters, HDV to HD-SDI Professional Television Studio Equipment, HDMI to HD-SDI Professional Television Studio Equipment and much more. HDV, HDMI, HD-SDI, HDSDI, AVCHD, DV, SDI, 1394, AVC-I.