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Hard Drive Based Storage

NVerizon's TeraStore nearline storage archive systems present an affordable, compact, scalable rack-montable storage option that's ideal for the growing content storage needs of broadcasters today. With 3RU (12 drives), 4RU (16 drives), 5RU (24 drives), and 9RU (48 drives) configurations available, NVerzion has a disk-based storage options that's perfect for any environment. The new TeraStore-113T can store a whopping 5,000 hours of HD video!

The network based, RAID protected storage systems offer maximum flexibility at an affordable price - and they're fully extensible by adding TeraStore boxes to any existing gigabit network. NVerzion's XPansion storage management software suite is the perfect complement to the TeraStore system, providing a fully integrated control platform to quickly retrieve and manage media between all of your network-connected devices.

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RS-422 Tester

ComTest™ is a passive testing device for RS-422 protocol communications and control circuits. It uses LEDs to indicate correct and faulty cables, port configurations and the presence of data. It can be used as an in-line tester or on an open port or cable.

Being small, only 63 x 33 x25mm, engineers and technicians will find COMTEST indespensible, whether commissioning systems or in maintenance. It is easily carried even in a pocket and should be in every toolkit. Non technical users will find it useful, too. If you have no in house technicians, it's so easy to use that you can check your connections and then report the results to the repair man or call the right service organisation.

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the ADministrator®

A Fully Featured Traffic & Billing Software Package

the ADministrator® is a commercial insertion software package designed to address many of your daily business tasks. It can operate independently or interactvely with any manufacture of commercial insertion hardware. the ADministrator® boasts many big and little "time-savers": program, product, priority, and transaction codes to eliminate repetitious typing, an automatic commercial scheduler to stifle trafficking confusion. the ADministrator® will organize and catalog your SPOT library. An internal invoicing system ensures the client is invoiced for spots that ran. the ADministrator® will create invoices and affidavits at the touch of a key. The AutoScheduler®, one of the most powerful features of the ADministrator®, is a productivity tool that functions by selectively gathering contractual, customer, and network information from your database and using it to automatically prepare your commercial schedules. This time saving benefit reduces the cost associated with contract review, contract management, and trafficking. Weve included in excess of 100 reports and have the flexibility to add additional reports to satisfy your needs. the ADministrator® will interface to digital insertion using standard software protocol.

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Gemini 4:4:4:

Uncompressed HD Recorder

Gemini 4:4:4 is a revolutionary full uncompressed HD recorder which stores video/audio data onto two removable 1.8" SSDs (Solid State Drive) for playback/transfer to a PC/MAC. Gemini supports most HD/2K formats in 4:2:2/4:4:4, 8/10-bit formats with single-link HD-SDI/3G or dual-link. A built-in 5.0" sunlight viewable (800 cd/m), 24-bit, 800x480 color LCD touch-screen serves as a high-quality monitor and playback screen. Gemini also features an industry first: the unique ability to record to both drives simultaneously, creating identical masters.

The 1-lb Gemini with milled aluminum case measures 5.4 x 4.5 x 1.1" or about the same size as the popular SmallHD DP6 monitor. But, of course, Gemini also includes recording, playback, image processingand a lot more...

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